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What is the band division of the radar?
Xiamen Juiyi Tech Co.Ltd | Updated: Jul 09, 2018

What is the band division of the radar?


Motorcycle Radar GPS Remote Mount Radar Detector Bluetooth Safety Speed Anti Police Voice Alert With GPS.jpgThe earliest electromagnetic wave length used for search radar was 23 cm. This band was defined as the L band, and the center wave length of this band later became 22 cm. When an electromagnetic wave having a wavelength of 10 cm is used, its band is defined as an S band. After the appearance of a fire control radar mainly using 3 cm electromagnetic waves, an electromagnetic wave of 3 cm wavelength is called an X-band because X represents a certain point on the coordinates.

In order to combine the advantages of the X-band and the S-band, a radar having a center wavelength of 5 cm has been gradually used, and this band is called a C-band. After the British, the Germans also began to develop their own radar independently, they chose 1.5cm as the center wavelength of their radar. The electromagnetic wave of this wavelength is called the K band.

The wavelengths chosen by the Germans for their unique precision of the Germanic people can be strongly absorbed by water vapor. As a result, radars in this band cannot be used in rain and foggy weather. In order to avoid this absorption peak, post-war designed radars usually use the Ka-band and Ku-band frequencies slightly higher than the K-band. Finally, since the earliest radar used meter wave, this band is called the P band.

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