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What is the difference between a radar detector and a counter-speedometer?
Xiamen Juiyi Tech Co.Ltd | Updated: Jul 03, 2018

What is the difference between a radar detector and a counter-speedometer?


Dual Antenna Front & Rear GPS GPRS Highway Radar.jpgMany people misunderstand that radar detectors are illegal. In fact, radar detectors are only instruments that detect radar waves and prompt them. They do not interfere with the normal operation of any speed measuring system. Its main function is to prompt the driver - the front is Speed measurement area, please control the speed. What is really illegal is another kind of radar wave jamming device - "counter speedometer". The counter-speedometer can detect the signal band used by the police's speed measuring device and actively transmit the interference signal, which causes the speed-measuring radar to not work properly.

Many people, even the police, can't distinguish the difference between the two devices, and always feel that it is illegal to try to know where the speedometer is, so the concept of the radar detector and the "anti-speedometer" is confused. It is very important to fundamentally distinguish between the above two types of equipment. The radar detector only provides the sound and light reminder to the owner - the front is the speed measurement area, please control your vehicle speed; the "anti-speedometer" directly launches the radar. The wave interference signal causes the speedometer to be inoperable.

From the working principle of the radar detector, it may indeed "instruct" the position of the radar department to install the radar speed measuring equipment, or even the band used by an instrument, but in reality, the traffic department sets the position of the speed limit detection. It is the position that should require the driver to control the speed of the vehicle, and the law enforcement department should "openly enforce the law", then the radar detector is actually helping to remind the driver to control the speed.

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