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What is the radar sea surface technology?
Xiamen Juiyi Tech Co.Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2018

What is the radar sea surface technology?


The sea battlefield covers a vast area and the situation is changing rapidly. It requires operators to make the most accurate judgments in the shortest time. However, relying solely on the subjective judgment of personnel experience, it cannot meet the requirements of real-time processing and robust identification of massive data. The radar target recognition is to extract the stable feature that can reflect the target attribute information from the radar signal echo feature of the target, and the machine makes a category or model decision according to a certain criterion.


Dual Antenna Front & Rear GPS GPRS Highway Radar.jpgThe sea surface targets are densely distributed, the number is large, the types are complex, the motion state is diverse and varied, the attitude stability is poor, the camouflage concealed interference, the sea clover dynamic change and other factors seriously reduce the robustness of the target feature extraction; the radar target characteristic data is incomplete, The low credibility, artificially designed recognition features, complex environment, poor adaptability and other issues further limit the project promotion ability and performance improvement of the target recognition algorithm. Sea surface detection radar target and the complexity of the clutter environment, the target identification of its own technical bottlenecks and many other issues make sea surface target identification more difficult.

The radar faces a complex sea surface combat environment, that is, the sea surface targets are densely distributed, the number is large, the types are complex, and the motion states are diverse and varied, which makes the performance and use of the sea surface target recognition algorithm limited. Many dense and diverse sea surface target environments require a higher target recognition algorithm. Real-time processing and robust feature resolution. How to extract the robust characteristics of maritime targets in a complex sea surface combat environment is the key to maritime target recognition technology.

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