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What Is The Principle Of Radar Detector?
Xiamen Juiyi Tech Co.Ltd | Updated: Jun 05, 2018

What is the principle of radar detector?


16-Band Auto Car Radar Detectors 360°Laser Anti Radar Detectors.jpgThe radar speedometer calculates the movement speed of the measured object based on the received frequency shift of the reflected wave. Radar beam irradiation surface is large, so the radar speed is easy to capture the target, no precise aiming. Radar equipment can not only be fixed on the road surface, but also can be installed on the patrol car. It is a very important part of the “mobile electronic police” to detect the speed of the vehicle during the movement. Secondly, the error of the radar speed measurement is approximately: Vehicle speed V increases or decreases by 0.1031. %V can fully meet the requirements for investigation and punishment of traffic violations; the international use of radar speed measurement has a history of more than 20 years, and the technology is mature and the cost is low. Looking from the current situation, Beijing City is still on the back of the road to the main speed, but there have been a small amount of forward speed radar radar. The majority of forward speed measuring devices are on the highway. The backward direction is that the radar wave and the camera direction are the same as the car's direction of travel. When the vehicle is speeding, the camera captures the vehicle's rear license plate. The forward direction is that the radar wave and the camera direction are opposite to the car's direction of travel. When the vehicle is speeding, the camera captures the vehicle's front license plate.

The principle of the radar detector is very simple, that is, immediately after receiving the radar signal, it will alarm and prompt the owner to decelerate. Its price is generally between 800 yuan and 5,000 yuan, and the performance is very different. The biggest difference is that the range of radar waves that can be sensed is different. Because radar speed devices for roads in various cities in China are imported from different countries, the radar frequencies used are mostly not the same. Some cities in the same city have radar speed detectors in different frequency bands in three countries. Low-end radar detectors can often only sense radar waves in one frequency band, while high-end radar detectors can sense radar waves in multiple frequency bands. In addition, the proximity of the sensing distance also reflects the performance of the radar detector. If the sensing distance is too close, the vehicle owner has no time to slow down and it has already been photographed; if the speed is too slow, it may also cause a rear-end collision. High-end radar detectors can sense radar waves in about one kilometer, and the difference can only be sensed in about 200 meters.


Radar detectors are detectors designed to detect the above various waveband radar waves and use sound and light to prompt the user. The radar detector must be placed in the correct position for maximum effectiveness.

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